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The most reliable and genuine online VAPE store in Dubai

Vape Dubai is a leading online UAE vape shop with a wide range of original vape products from the best brands in the market.  All our vaping products are genuine, tried, and tested as per the UAE government regulations.

If it doesn’t pass our high standards product test, we won’t sell it to our customers. Our entire team will be sure of the product’s originality which is 100% guaranteed.  The most popular brands that people love to vape in Dubai are Vaporesso, Dinner Lady, Naked, Myle, Juul, Voopoo and Ruthless.

Safe and superfast vape delivery in Dubai

We are guaranteed to deliver all orders safely and fast all over UAE. Shopping for the top vape in dubai has never been this simple. Go through the online product catalog in Vape Dubai, choose your favorite vape product based on your requirements, we offer same-day delivery with vape UAE fast delivery service. We are here to assist you with 24/7 online customer service panel for any delivery details .

Selling 100% quality VAPE products in UAE

We intend to provide vapers with products that are less synthetic, moderate, and with beneficial attitudes and health. We gather vape results of premium quality fixings to keep up the interests of our customers. We test every vape product before we sell. All products by Vape Dubai are of a high standard and excellent quality. All our vape products delivered from our online vape shop in Dubai are safe and genuine. We sell the best brands of vape you have never seen before in UAE. We have the best choice for you to vape with fantastic e juices and kits that will add fun and joy to your luxury time. We got everything a vaper dream and fantasize about in our Dubai Vape Shop.

Vaping  experience with our Online Vape Shop

In Vape Dubai, our team of experts knows well about the most favourite categories of vapors and e liquids that our customers love to vape in UAE. We value the experience our customers have with ours Products. So we bring kits, pods and mods that bring complete satisfaction and joyful experience while vaping in Dubai. .

A better way to quit smoking

Having an addiction to cigarette smoking is a serious health issue. Our scientific and research team work on e juices and nicotine salts in laboratories with specific flavour and molecular composition that help people to quit smoking. So we give you the kits & vape pods that helps you quit and step into spring smoke-free. By this way we make sure that we are the best online vape shop in Dubai.

Read our privacy policy to know how well we handle privacy of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Where can I buy E cigarettes in Dubai?

    Vape Dubai is one of the largest online retailer of E cigarettes and related products like Devices, Mods, Pods, Accessories , E juice and nicotine salt flavours in Dubai

  2. Are Vapes allowed in Dubai?

    Vapes are made legal in Dubai. However vaping in non smoking zones and unauthorized areas like schools, hospitals and malls may attract fine upto 2000 AED.

  3. How old should you be to vape in Dubai?

    A person should be atleast 18 years old to be able to vape in Dubai. Selling vapes to people below 18 years old is a strict offense.

  4. How does a vape work?

    Vape works with a battery source that powers up an heating coil which vaporizes e juice stored in an atomizer connected to a mouth piece for inhaling.

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