Startup: the largest group of people you can convince of a plan - Peter Thiel

Eye For Business is passionate about telling a better, data-centred story for business. We are a small team with a long history in business intelligence, impact investment and sustainability. We are particularly focused on qualitative data analysis to provide actionable insights to organisations in the context of sustainable development challenges.


Eye For Business was established to provide novel and data-rich sustainability insights for organisations across key industry value chains, without extraneous information. Our mission is to cut through the complexity of the global sustainability lexicon to provide timely insight, improve business decisions and illuminate emerging risks and opportunities.


We employ a technologically-rich editorial process that uses big data analysis, comprehensive research and experienced industry analysis to bring fresh insights from the policy, risk, disclosure and corporate action contexts of sustainable development. We aim to place commerce within its proper climate-, nature- and sustainability-related context.


We aim to provide relevant, concise, clear and cost-effective analysis. If you want to discuss any aspect of our products in more detail or have any other queries, we would be pleased to talk to you. Please use the contact form below to start a conversation.

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