Food & beverages

The food & beverages sector is an essential part of global sustainable development in terms of food security and health outcomes. Sustainability risks include climate change impacts, emissions, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, pesticide use, as well as water and waste management and supply chain vulnerabilities.

Agriculture, aquaculture & fishing

In agriculture, aquaculture and fishing, key challenges include water availability, GHG emissions, energy consumption and product contamination. Opportunities arise from managing these risks, improving resource efficiency and addressing consumer concerns on GMOs, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing market competitiveness.

Food & beverages manufacturing

The food and beverages manufacturing industry faces significant sustainability-related challenges, including water scarcity, ecological impacts, antibiotic use and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, business uncertainties arise from regulatory scrutiny, consumer health trends and packaging waste, driving the need for innovation and responsible practices to maintain operational viability and reputation.

Food & beverages retail

The food and beverages retail industry faces significant sustainability-related challenges, including food waste management, cybersecurity threats, regulatory risks from refrigeration emissions, energy-intensive operations and maintaining product quality. Opportunities lie in adopting eco-friendly practices, leveraging consumer demand for natural and organic products and enhancing data security to build consumer trust.

Restaurants & food services

The restaurant and food services industry faces challenges such as maintaining consistent labour standards across locations and addressing public health concerns related to obesity. Opportunities include catering to health-conscious consumers with nutritious menu options, thereby capturing new markets and improving market share.