My Eye: reports

My Eye is our exclusive portal, offering online analysis of sustainability-related risks and opportunities for key industry value chains. In addition to online analysis, subscribers to My Eye can generate on-demand, quarterly PDF reports for industries, covering sustainability-related developments in the context of policy, risk, disclosure and associated corporation actions.

External evidence

New accounting standards IFRS S1 and IFRS S2 introduce a concept of "reasonable and supportable" information to assist organisations in making disclosures concerning information that involves judgement or uncertainty. My Eye offers quarterly, industry-specific reports that aim to meet the need for external evidence in making qualitative and quantitative disclosures about sustainability-related risks and opportunities.

Report archive

My Eye subscribers can download industry reports for the last four complete calendar quarters. The reports are generated at the click of a button by subscribers, combining all our sustainability-related analysis for the quarter in a visually-appealing design format.

Availability and use

The reports made available through My Eye correspond to the subscription preferences of the account holder. Most of the content in the quarterly reports is provided under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License”, which allows for citation and reproduction with attribution to Eye For Business or other indicated original source.