Bespoke business writing

Beyond the scope of its subscription-based products, Eye For Business also offers custom writing and analysis services to organisations. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Reports and disclosures

Based on its expertise in analysing sustainability-related risks and opportunities across critical industries, Eye For Business has experience and skill in aiding organisations in creating impactful reports and advocacy briefs. We can also provide support for sustainability-related reporting and disclosures, taking into account regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Qualitative data analysis (QDA)

Sustainability-related reporting is characterised by a higher proportion of qualitative information relative to quantitative information. Using “big data” software, Eye For Business can analyse vast quantities of information to reveal patterns and insights regarding sustainability-related risks and impact, specific keywords and indicators of sentiment. We aim for output that is informed but not overwhelmed by data.

Our approach

Whether related to strategic planning, accounting judgements, public disclosure or a specific project, Eye For Business helps organisations to grasp context and make decisions. Against a backdrop of messier inputs and larger volumes of information for processing, we pride ourselves on a technology-rich approach that is always guided by human researchers, writers and editors.