About Us


Vape Dubai is all about top notch quality and spot on service. Our mission is to create a world where less adults use traditional, and also harmful, cigarettes. We also envision a world where adults can easily reach required e-cigarette resources, therefore quitting the unhealthy cigarettes with a blink of an eye. As a firm, we understand our vaping customers, because we are vapers ourselves, and we want the best products with the best available service. Our love for vaping just made it easier for us to be the best and provide the best to our customers.

“ We are Vape Dubai, and we are vaping fanatics who want to bring the best vaping products to the UAE market. We want to share what is special about us! ”

Vape Dubai is a multinational company who operates in different countries of the world. We already give the best quality, most trusted vaping products in different cities. Also, we gained the required experience from these sites to provide you with our solutions for your vaping needs. Thus, we are adding new cities to our portfolio like Guadalajara, Istanbul, Jeddah, London and least but not last, Berlin.


Free Shipping

We have free shipping in 1 hour for orders above 500AED. If you want your order to delivered faster, you can pay 60AED for express delivery within 3 hours.We are the only e-store that has this kind of service!

100% money back guarantee.

You may return defective items within 7 days of the received by date. Our policy covers any manufacturer defective items, dead on arrival items and items that do not appear as listed on the website.

Online Support 24/7

You can reach us via WhatsApp icon on the right bottom edge of the screen, or by Contact Form in our Contact Us page. You can ask us questions regarding your product, and we will be happy to help you always.